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West Papua Flas Food Situation Report

West Papua Flas Food Situation Report

Due to heavy rain flushed Wondama Bay district, West Papua, since Sunday October 3rd 2010, resulting in overflow of three rivers there (Sanduai river, Anggris river, and Manggurai river). River overflow resulted flash flood which brings out muds, woods and rocks. Data of victims until this time are still mazy according to several informants. But if it is accumulated, total victims are more than 80 people, not include 60 people and more are disappeared. Transportation access to location are too hard to reach. This limited access complicates more for agencies to conduct direct response on the field. To access affected area, only through the sea where the issue of scarcity of fuels and limitation of transportation became constraints.

This new district governance system were out of action. Electricty network also broken and it affected communication access. Has sent rescue team (2 persons from Jakarta DD), and medical team (2 persons from Makassar DD and 1 nurse from Jakarta) besides recruiting 1 local staf.

A week after disaster event, Dompet Dhuafa has planned to start recovery program. Karina - has already done the coordination with Parish in West Papua led by Priest Harsono and Priest Mardi. Contact Dian for more information. World Vision - Didn’t plan to sent their team, but keep continue monitoring the situation.YTBI - There is insistence from Papua Caucus to have a meeting with Indonesian Regional Parliament – Legislative Assembly (DPD – DPR RI). YTBI also didn’t sent their team to do the response, but conducted assistance with the previous team which already there and support by sending food and non-food items. Yakkum Emergency Unit (YEU) also working together with Papua local NGO in purpose to activate responses. PERDU, KAMUKI and some other local NGO, yesterday night (October 5th 2010) already gathered, made a society named West Papua Disaster Care Forum, and planned there will be team send to Wasior to respond and conduct assessment (there is flood affected estimated location map).

Contact person of team that will depart to Wasior (from KAMUKI): Mr. Marisan (+62 812 4857 4628). Contact person for YAKKUM team on the field, particularly in Manokwari: Lamhot Sinaga (YEU staff in Manokwari): +62 852 7760 6814, E-mail:sin_lamhot@yahoo.com.>/p>

Above are summary from coordination meeting held in HFI office. Minutes of meeting will be included with this situation report. Contact Person: Karina KWI, Vivin + 62 813 8265 7627 or vivin@karina.or.id, Dian + 62 817 272 956 or dian@karina.or.id. Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Centre (MDMC), Husnan Nurjuman + 62 852 1826 9667, Dompet Dhuafa, M Arifin Purwakananta + 62 818 152 007, Yakkum Emergency Unit, Syamsul +62 81 315 912 363, Lamhot +62 852 776 068 14: sin_lamhot@yahoo.com. Yayasan Tanggul Bencana Indonesia, Lilly +62 081 315 561 293 or lilly.danes@ytbindonesia.org, Humanitarian Forum Indonesia, Surya Rahman Muhammad + 62 813 6046 9344 or surya.rahman.muhammad@gmail.com. Information collected by some informants.


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