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One Decade Reflection of the MDGs

One Decade Reflection of the MDGs

After 10 years has been on journey, lot of MDGs work doesn’t not reach entirely yet the main goal to save the people from poverty in Indonesia. There lot of the policies of government required to be controlled by society to realize it in order to make the target. The most obstacles to work on MDGs is to consolidate every stake holder to work on together based on same spirit to save people from helplessness.

The very most critic in MDGs is about the cases on cases not in ideology to start the work. Therefore, every parties has many point of views and strategy to solve the problem on MDGs. This kind of various, make a disharmony between government and NGOs and the worst from this is it influence with the progress.

Regarding the case above HFI and YEU initiate the FGD under title One Decade Reflection of the MDGs held in Jakarta. The FGD proposed to consolidate the society in this cases in NGOs to gather the spirit and strategies to work on MDGs up coming time.

From the forum agreed that after this meeting will be continued by next more big meeting to get the lesson learn from every parties that have involved in MDGs work in Indonesia. Hopefully, this meeting would be good starting for NGOs in Indonesia to focusing the power to work on MDGs.


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